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Iowa Resources

This page provides weblinks to pages specifically related to Iowa

Iowa Cooperative Extension System

ISU Extension and Outreach serves all Iowans. We are educators, researchers, volunteers, and partners in Ames and throughout the state. We are Iowa’s 99 county campus and we are here for you.

We engage all Iowans in research, education, and extension experiences to address current and emerging real-life challenges. We are taking steps to build a strong Iowa.

ISU Extension and Outreach has prioritized these six initiatives and is focusing additional effort and resources to help Iowans and their communities move forward in every county. Learn about efforts in your county.

  • Reviving the Iowa economy, including the farm economy

  • Supporting Iowans in improving financial security

  • Engaging Iowans in improving food supply, safety, and access

  • Expanding educational opportunities for youth

  • Engaging Iowans in addressing mental health

  • Supporting efforts to increase access to quality child care

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