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Maryland Cooperative Extension System


Our Mission

As a statewide non-formal education system, the University of Maryland Extension is committed to embedding our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect (DEIR) goals, practices, and behaviors as key principles in our operational structure, communication delivery, and outreach mechanisms to meet the needs of Marylanders. UME’s purpose is to provide leading and exceptional applied research and educational programming to all individuals and adopt our College of Agriculture and Natural Resources roadmap to change the lives of our community, faculty, staff, and stakeholders – one learner at a time.

Our Vision

  • UME is an inclusive entity within AGNR that respects and values differences, supports and creates opportunities to capitalize on those differences, fostering an environment that makes us better educators, employees, and volunteers. 

  • DEIR is integrated into all of UME and is the foundation for carrying out our mission, reaching broader audiences, and assuring our service and delivery reach every corner of the state.

  • UME audiences, volunteers, and employees reflect the general population and our ability to meet a wide array of needs.

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